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 I use deeply tuned in bodywork, yoga, and self-care consulting to help people unwind pain and stress in their bodies and minds, and learn how to live with freedom and ease, so that they can bring their best selves to their family, friends, and careers.

It is truly a joy for me to share the fruits of my personal journey of transformation and healing with you and your loved ones.


What’s the problem?

Your energy is blocked. You feel stressed out, anxious, frustrated, depressed, or stuck. You have pain and restrictions in your body. Your mind is full of worries, resentments, and “I-can’t”s. You may be in a healing process through psychotherapy, 12-step groups, or meditation, but need a way to integrate this healing into the cells of your body.

What can you get from this work?

You feel peaceful, relaxed, and vibrantly alive. There is a deep sense of well-being. You feel happy and excited about life. You feel loved, loving, and lovable. You feel more ease and less pain in your body. You feel supported in making healthier choices in your life and relationships. Your friends and family notice that you are better company after your sessions, and encourage you to keep coming back.

Call 413.250.7095 or email to schedule your appointment!